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6 Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers For Free

First, before we dig into how to get more YouTube Subscribers, I want to ask you why do you even need YouTube subscribers? Why should you even care if you have subscribers or not? The answer is simple. According to YouTube, you want subscribers as they tend to drive more watch time to your videos. YouTube states that you can reliably increase the watch time and views by Increasing the number of subscribers on your channel. Ok, let’s dig in

6 Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers Fast1. Use Your Watermark as a Subscribe Button.

Everyone can add a branded watermark to their YouTube videos. A branded watermark is a little icon that sits in the bottom right-hand corner of your video. These watermarks are great as people are able to subscribe to your channel without interrupting or having to leave the video or page. Make your watermark look like a YouTube subscribe button and you have a winner! The ultimate goal of the watermark is to convert viewers into subscribers. By making your watermark look like a subscribe button you will ensure that you get more subscribers.

To find your watermark go to channel on the left of your screen and then click on branding.

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers
How To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Upload your image/subscribe button and change the drop down to Entire video.

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers For Free
How To Get More YouTube Subscribers For Free

2. Create a Channel Trailer

To create your channel trailer you want to follow this three-step process.

  1. The person who is watching your trailer does not know if your channel is for him or not, hence he is watching the trailer. In the first 10 seconds of your trailer, you want to address who your channel is geared for. For example for busy moms trying to balance home and work career or how to train your dog. This is where you address them. Tell them what the channel is about.
  2. Next tell them why they should be watching your channel, why it stands out from other channels.
    Get personal, tell them YOUR story, this helps people see you as a real person and they are more able to relate to you. This makes them more susceptive to subscribing to you.
  3. End your trailer with asking them to subscribe. Don’t be shy to ask people to subscribe to your channel. YouTube actually recommends you do this! Don’t just end it there, add an extra 10 seconds to your video with the subscribe button displayed. For example, at the end of your trailer, you can say so “make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on all the actionable tips and techniques I’m about to share with you. Click the subscribe button now

3. Reply to Every Comment

Replying to comments will get you more subscribers. YouTube states themselves that by interacting with the viewers it encourages audience participation which will increase your fan base. It doesn’t need to be a long reply a simple emoji, thumbs up will suffice.

4. Check Your YouTube Analytics

how to get more YouTube subscribers for free
how to get more YouTube subscribers for free
  • Log into your YouTube analytics and click on subscribers.
  • Click on YouTube watch page.

Now you can see which videos generated the most subscribers for your channel. If you don’t have a channel trailer video then the video that is generating the most subscribers can be used as your trailer. This video can also be included as your first video on your Playlist. This also helps to convert random visitors into subscribers.

5.Strong Channel Positioning and Branding

Write a sentence describing what makes your channel unique or different. Once you have your sentence which is almost like a slogan, put it everywhere, in your channel art, in your about section, logo. You can add them now and again in your videos.

6Next Video

In your end screen use “Next Video”. When a viewer has completed watching your video you answer the question what next for them, by giving them the Next video. In general, your next video should be about a topic that is closely related to the video that they just completed. An added bonus of doing this is increasing your watch time on your channel which will improve your chances of coming up in the suggested videos and in the search results.

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers For Free
How To Get More YouTube Subscribers For Free

Now you have 6 ways to get more YouTube subscribers. It’s not difficult. Take action and you will see results. Implement these 6 easy ways and you will soon see an increase in your Youtube subscribers.

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