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High Ticket Cash Machines Review 2018


High Ticket Cash Machines Review High Ticket vs Low Ticket

High Ticket Cash Machines is a relaunch of a very successful product and has been updated for 2018. It was created to teach you how you can grow your income using the high and mid-ticket affiliate products where you can earn commissions into the thousands of dollars per sale and this is on other people’s products (affiliate marketing). Other people created the product and best of all they do the selling for you and deliver the product to the customer. All you do is simply collect the commissions. Well, I guess it’s not that easy otherwise everyone would be doing this! Or maybe this is the secret you have been looking for?

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High Ticket Cash Machines Review

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High Ticket Cash Machines is a low ticket product that teaches you how to sell High ticket affiliate products! Love it. Usually, this kind of training would only be found in high ticket training but the creators of High Ticket Cash Machines, Gary Alach and Rash Vin have made it possible for even the newest of noobies to start making money online with high ticket sales.

High Ticket Cash Machines BonusSelling high ticket affiliate products can get you $500-$1000 and higher commissions per sale. It’s easier to get just 3 sales with a commission of $1000 each then to get hundreds of $7 commission sales.  You don’t need to make many sales to make a nice living doing this.

The strategies you will learn in High Ticket Cash Machines are those that have brought the creators Gary Alach and Rash much success. Their combined strategies will teach you how to earn big commissions on both high and mid-ticket affiliate products and build a list at the same time. Anyone, whether you are new or established can do this.

One of the highlights of the high ticket machine is their inclusion of the high ticket rolodex. This is a document that Gary and Rash have compiled of high ticket digital affiliate and CPA products to help you select a product right out of the gate. This will really help you as finding high ticket products to promote is not as easy as finding low ticket ones.

The training includes case studies and in the upgrades, you have the option of getting a done for you package.

What’s inside this training?

The front end and 2 OTO’s.

OTO 1 for High Ticket Cash Machines is an advanced training on how to 10x your profits

OTO 2 for High Ticket Cash Machines is 3 done-for-you campaigns

The front end is video training showing you how to select high and mid-ticket products from affiliate and CPA products. You will also learn about lead capture. This is really important as it’s important to build a list while you’re making commissions. Unless you’re sending emails to your own list, you need to be building your own list. Don’t make the mistake I made and ignored this element for a while. So if you are sending any paid or free traffic to an offer, you should first send them to a capture page so that you can build your own list. (This method is also discussed here)

Included in the training

  • is how to set up a landing page
  • how to optimize it for higher conversions and
  • some ad copy templates that you can use on your landing page

Module 3 teaches you about research and traffic. You will learn how to tap into over 20 different traffic sources! You will learn how to do keyword audience and traffic research. This is a very extensive module.

Module 4 teaches you about higher ticket affiliate hacks. Here you will get to see case studies on how Rash and Gary were able to generate higher ticket sales as well as an epic interview with Stephan Gilbert. Stephan shows you how he created his own high ticket product and sells it for $5000 multiple times per month with absolutely free traffic!

High Ticket Cash Machines Review 2018

To sum up the front end product. You will receive training in the following areas.

  • High Ticket Hacks – 4 separate case studies on how we were able to make high and mid-ticket affiliate commissions on autopilot!
  • Interview With Stephen Gilbert 
  • High Ticket Rolodex 
  • Product Selection – how to select high and mid-ticket affiliate and CPA products f
  • Lead Capture/List Building – including 8 Ad copy templates that you can use for your own landing pages and other advertising material.
  • Research And Traffic Vault –  tap into over 20 different traffic sources, keyword and audience research as well as how to research your competitor’s traffic sources and advertisements.

High Ticket Cash Machines Review

OTO 1 for High Ticket Cash Machines has some really good information in it and therefore I’m going to elaborate more on it. Usually, I don’t do this. The price for OTO1 is $37 and what you are getting is really going to help you.

You will learn how to do follow up and email marketing. This is an advanced training which is very important and will actually double, triple or even 10x your profits! You need to learn how to do this as most of the money in internet marketing is in the follow-up. It comes down to the trust you build with your subscribers.  You will learn how to:

  • follow up with leads,
  • how to build trust with your list
  • how to do email follow-up sequence
  • why and how you should segment your list
  • broadcast emails
  • how to increase open and click rates
  • how to split test and optimize emails for greater engagement

OTO 1 also includes a 100k plus per month case study and an interview with Richie Nolan. Richie used to work for one of the biggest internet marketers in the world and he was the head sales manager of that company. He used to close multiple 7k coaching clients over the phone. This interview will show you the exact script he used to pull in over million dollars per year in that company and Richie’s closing rate was a staggering 80%! You will see exactly the way you can close these types of sales so you can model this to sell any high ticket product over the phone.

High Ticket Cash Machines

OTO 2  for High Ticket Cash Machines is 3 done-for-you campaigns. These are full campaigns that are done for you. Simply plug it in and start profiting. Each campaign has the following elements done for you

  • get a high converting squeeze page
  • a very professional Thank You page
  • an email follow-up sequence that you can simply load into your autoresponder
  • the keyword research is done
  • get to use high paying recommended products that will convert for that keyword research, that squeeze page and that email follow-up sequence.

To sum up, you’re gonna be trying to make money online in the weeks and months ahead right? That’s why you got into internet marketing correct? So why go through all that sweat and tears and learning curve just to get paid a $10 commission when you can promote high ticket offers instead and make up to $1000 a time for the same effort? Do you get it? This really is simple. All you need is an excellent program that shows you how to find the high ticket offers and the correct way to promote them so you can get paid.

This is a pretty awesome and complete training program. I think that Mark Wightley above in his testimonial really did sum it all up really well. The price even though it is going up all the time is not going to break your bank account, yet what you will learn could change your life.  The vendor is providing some awesome bonuses but I’m going to add to them to give you even more value.

My bonuses for High Ticket Cash Machines

Bonus 1 Expert Content  This is a collection of 30 on-screen, step-by-step video tutorials on how to master the 7 core tools that form the cornerstone of almost every online business. These tools have been used by top 6-figure online marketers even until today! This training course will help you to take out the guesswork from the beginning and you will get to where you want to go faster, better and easier so you can focus on building your business.

Bonus 2 Viral Marketing Madness – Learn how to tap in the world of viral marketing. Viral marketing is so powerful, done correctly it can explode your business. Learn how to implement viral marketing correctly. Also, learn how to avoid the dangerous pitfalls of viral marketing.

Bonus 3 Content Syndication Videos- This is a series of 40 On-Screen, Easy-To-Follow Video Tutorials on how to market and publish your content like an expert. expertly. You want to reach as many eyeballs as possible.  Not just anyone… but people who are already looking for your information. Learn over 9 unique ways to get the same content out to hundreds or thousands of TARGETED views.

Bonus 4 LeadBook Generator – Use the power of Facebook to build and grow your list without the huge ad costs. This is a WP plugin that will allow you to integrate your FB leads ads with your autoresponder, adding them to your email list immediately.

Bonus 5 Authority Traffic – Everyone needs traffic to their site. This is an 8 part traffic course that will take you from zero to hero with plenty of new website visitors.

Bonus 6 unannounced awesome bonuses in your download section

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