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IM Checklist V11 Review and Bonuses

In IM Checklist V11 review, building a business on WordPress, IM Checklist V11 review and bonuseswe are going to look at what you get in IM Checklist volume 11. It is a jam-packed checklist with 18 checklists. We will look at who needs this and why. Also, I have a great bonus package for you at the end. 

Kevin Fahey and his team are back with IM Checklist V11, building a business on WordPress. Kevin Fahey and his team discovered that there are a lot of people that are confused about how to set up WordPress, understand how powerful WordPress actually is.


Kevin and team use WordPress for pretty much everything in their business, from sales pages, membership sites, blog posts, lead capture pages, Thank You pages and more. His entire business has been built on WordPress. Using plugins, software to develop and more.

For someone starting off, understanding WordPress is basically a 100% vital to your success online. It just cannot happen without it. It doesn’t matter what you try to sell online or who you’re trying to inform. It doesn’t matter who your followers are or what your niches are, you need to understand WordPress.

Kevin and his team have been using WordPress for over eight years in their successful business almost every single day, so we can say they are experts in the field. With just a few clicks they know how to monetize their site and more.  They know how to change the settings etc. But for someone just starting out, it can actually be really very time-consuming. It can be confusing and some people just might give up before they even start.

IM checklist v11 review

Kevin and his team have spent the last few weeks developing these checklists which include 18 checklists in total. I’m not going to go through everything in detail, you can get that from the sales page, but let’s get a taste of what you will get.

Kevin Fahey IM Checklist

The first checklist is things to know before making a website on WordPress. Take note. First and most importantly you need to decide on the goals for your WordPress website. Are you just going to collect leads? Are you going social media? Will you be posting new content all the time, every week? Are you just going to have a home page? Or are you selling your products and services? Lots of decisions need to be made before you even make the website. There is a checklist that basically walks you through that from the very start. It only takes a few minutes to actually select and from there, you have the foundation.

IM Checklist volume 11

To complete everything from installing WordPress from the start. You will discover how to:

  • install and configuring your WordPress site
  • installing and configuring WordPress plugins
  • styling your WordPress blogs
  • widget and menus on WordPress
  • tracking and analytics from WordPress
  • creating the first blog post
  • where you talk about content ideas
  •  creating and setting up your WordPress home
  • WordPress SEO which is very important
  • linking testing and optimization
  • guest posting
  • WordPress comments
  • WordPress security
  • integrated social media onto your WordPress blog
  • most importantly making money from your WordPress blog is covered in great detail
  • sending emails from your WordPress blog so you don’t actually need an autoresponder and your final WordPress checklist.

For a limited time only, you get 18 checklists. Forty minutes of over the shoulder training videos which shows you how to set everything up from start to finish.

The checklists come in four different formats:

  • PDF format
  • Google Docs so you can open them openly forward open up a Google Drive
  • Word documents so you can edit easily
  • Mindmap format

To sum up, you can pretty much do anything you want with these checklists you can use them for:

✔️Can edit, add graphics and rebrand anyway you wish
✔️Can we used to create video training courses
✔️Can be added to paid membership sites
✔️Can be translated into other languages
✔️Can claim full authorship
✔️Can be used a build your email list (Individual Sheets Only)
✔️Can be used as blog posts or infographics (Individual Sheets Only)
❌Cannot Sell Private Label Right
❌Cannot Sell Master Reseller Rights
❌Cannot Be Resold As Checklists On JvZoo or Warrior Plus

How to Profit from These Checklists
Here are a few ideas on how you can profit from these checklists:

✔️Use them to educate yourself
✔️Create high-quality posts for your blog
✔️Create Lead Magnets
✔️Rebrand and resell
✔️DFY product idea
✔️Turn them into PowerPoint Presentations
✔️Create a video training course
✔️Create Infographics
✔️Translate them into different languages

Product Pricing and Upgrades
IM Checklist V11 –18 Step-By-Step Checklists Building Your Business on WordPress w/PLR – $17.00

OTO 1: IM Checklist Monthly Membership – $17.00 recurring monthly

OTO2: IM Funnels – $19.95

OTO3: IM VIP Training Membership – $29.95 recurring monthly

IM Checklist V11 Bonuses

when you purchase IM Checklist volume 11 through my link you will receive the following bonuses.

Solo Ad Escape (Delivered in members area)

Dropout Entrepreneur (Delivered in members area)

Open Rate Explosion (Delivered in members area)

11 Questions To Success (Delivered in members area)

101 Ways To Expand Your PLR Profits

PLR Know How

14 day no questions asked money back guarantee so really you have absolutely nothing to lose. Click the link below.

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