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$20 Dollar Days Review and Bonuses


$20 Dollar Days Review

$20 dollar days, doesn’t sound much right? Wrong! Very, very wrong. Aren’t you sick and tired of all the hyped up sales pages who claim that in 24 hours you can make X amount of money? You know and I know that that can happen, but the chance of it happening to YOU well I’m not quite sure. Don’t get me wrong, it may happen, but let’s get realistic here for a change. $20 a day is realistic and it adds up. If you could make from one site $20 a day how many would you make every day?

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$20 dollars day review$20 dollar days is the latest product by internet marketer Bobby D. I was lucky enough to get a review copy so I can give you the full ins and outs of $20 dollar days.

Forget $150 Days For Now..Lets Start Small And Build Big! B

The layout is all video which is good for most people and Bobby D speaks clearly and explains everything very well. He goes through his system step by step and has some steps there that I will also be implementing in my daily routines!

Bobby goes through how to:

  • pick a niche/offer,
  • set up a simple funnel, squeeze page and thank you page and how to put them all together.
  • Aweber setup
  • tips and Tricks!

In $20 dollar days Bobby explains how to set everything up and how to get traffic. Now he doesn’t really go very deep into how to get free traffic – but I have you covered here with my exclusive bonuses – more of that down below.

$20 dollar days review

The course is short and concise and focuses not only on making $20 dollar days but on building your list. Now I know you’ve heard this a thousand times over the money is in the list and you know what it is! There is no getting around it! You need to build a list. You can be an expert on driving free traffic and then Google or another platform comes out with a change and where does that leave you? You need to make sure that you own your traffic. If you haven’t started yet, you need to start building your list and Bobby D in $20 days shows you how to do both!

This course is no hype and is going for a ridiculously cheap price. You really aren’t taking much of risk and even the upsells are really cheap.

OTO1 for $20 Dollar Days shows a great method to make additional sales using YouTube and Facebook

OTO 2 for $20 Dollar Days gives all the above plus Bobby D’s templates that he actually uses and access to his Private Facebook Group


Bonus 1: I will show you how you can get started with a top autoresponder that won’t cost you $19 a month – it’s free for up to 1000 subscribers and works just as good if not better than Aweber.

Bonus 2Free traffic – you want to make $20 dollar days without putting out money at least not till you’re making some. Bonus 2 covers Free traffic with social media A-Z

Bonus 3: Free access to Mark Wightley’s Funnel Franchise program which will take your training to the next level.

Bonus 4: Email Marketing and List Building Excellence:



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