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IM checklist Canva v6

IM Checklist Canva V6 Review


IM Checklist, Canva V6 review is all about internet marketer Kevin Fahey’s latest product IM checklist Canva V6. Kevin Fahey is originally from Ireland and today is one of the top internet marketers around. His products are high quality and IM checklist Canva V6 is no exception. The Canva checklist will help you save time, money and help your creative juices to flow.

IM checklist Canva V6 review

Get IM Checklist Canva V6 and BONUSES

What is Canva?

As previously mentioned in this post, Canva is one of the best free graphics programs on the internet at the moment. Canva is easy to use and you can look like a professional graphic designer even if you have never designed a thing in your life. Canva is the perfect tool for creating all your social media graphics as well as infographics, logos, business card, invitations and so much more!

Why Canva?

Graphic design is a highly in-demand niche. With the world becoming more and more reliant on the internet and visuals playing such an important role, graphic designing will soon be a skill that you must have. With Canva you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a graphics courses! Just create your free account on and follow the IM checklist Canva V6 and you are more than set. This can set you up to be a Canva expert and you can earn $20 per hour part-time to create easy, gorgeous graphics on a free platform!

Personally, Canva is my go to graphics tool. I use it for everything. Canva is free and incredibly easy to use. Complete your design, download to your computer and upload to wherever you need it. Canva takes a little getting used to. In the beginning, you will need to play around a bit to understand how everything works, but once you get the hang of it, you will be designing away!

IM Checklist Canva V6 Reviews
IM Checklist Canva V6 Reviews

What’s Included in IM Checklist Canva V6?

IM Checklist Canva V6 includes a whopping 32 checklists! The Canva checklist comes in 3 different formats; pdf, video, and an excel spreadsheet. The free cloud-based software works on both Mac and Pc. Included in the Canva V6 Checklist are awesome over the shoulder step by step training videos. There is no doubt that once you complete this training, with a little practice you will truly be a graphics expert. Create eye-catching social media posts, infographics, landing pages, magazines, kindle covers, whatever your marketing graphic needs are you can create them with Canva and the training of IM Checklist Canva V6.

The IM Checklist Canva V6 also comes with full PLR rights! Yup, you can edit them, add graphics to them and resell them as your own!

IM checklist Canva V6 review

The Pros 

  • No more wasting of thousands of dollars on outsourcing graphics
  • Can be used for all social media platforms
  • Sell your graphics for instant profit
  • Full PLR rights
  • Start a new career as a Canva expert!
  • Actionable steps under each video to get you to take action and succeed.

The Cons

  • Canva is an online program you will need access to the internet, but it can also be used on your mobile phone!

There are 3 upsells to the IM Checklist Canva V6

  1. OTO 1 of IM Checklist Canva V6 is a Monthly Membership
  2. OTO 2 of IM Checklist Canva V6 is IM Checklist Reseller
  3. OTO 3 of IM Checklist Canva V6 IM is VIP Training
To add to your Canva Checklist I will be adding these bonuses that you will receive when you purchase via the link below.


Epic Count Down Timer ( Great tool to use on any website to add urgency)

10K Royalty Free Pictures (Download to your computer, upload the royalty-free pictures to help you make viral content)

Fiverr Blueprint (start your own Fiverr business as a graphics artist)

Easy Way To Profit From PLR Rights ( You have been given full PLR rights to the IM Checklist Canva V6 learn how to use it and make a profit!)

Get IM Checklist Canva V6 and BONUSES


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